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Icewater machine

The Ice accumulator is used to make a supply of ice and ice water. The ice water is used for indirectly cooling milk or brine. The machine consists of an insulated stainless steel tank with an overhead refrigeration unit. The tank contains an evaporator around which the ice forms. The evaporator is fitted with an ice-thickness sensor which automatically switch off the refrigeration unit when the ice has reached the desired thickness. A circulation pump for the water supply is built-in


The water chiller supplies a constant cooling capacity and is (in contrast to the ice accumulator) not dependent on an ice stock. The temperature is controlled by means of a thermostat. The machine has a built-in heat exchanger, accumulation tank, compressor, ventilation fan’s, stainless-steel circulation pump and control panel.

Capacities till more than 300 KW.


For warming up milk, warm water is necessary. Our heater provides two options: central heating or steam heating.
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