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Continuous flow pasteurizer

The most effective machine to secure the quality and safety of raw milk: the flow pasteurisation unit.
Flow pasteurisation with a heat regeneration up to 95% makes this equipment an environmental friendly system.
All flow pasteurisation units of C. van ‘t Riet are tailor made produced and based upon the full requirements of the customer.
Capacity from 500 till 35.000 ltr./hour.

Flow Tube Pasteurizer

Especially for products which contain small parts like fruit-juices (with fibers) or purees we developed a sterilizer/ pasteurizer with a stainless steel tube in tube heat exchanger.
The special shaped pipes, used in the heat exchanger give the pasteurizer/ sterilizer a high efficiency, with also an efficient regeneration section.
Capacity 1000-25000 ltr/hour.

Batch Pasteurizing vat for cream or special products

This doubled walled and insulated vat can be heated by electrical elements or by circulation with hot water.
Cooling can be done with cold water.
The vat can be supplied with all kind of options; electric stirrer, automatic temperature control, temperature registration, customized stirring blades etc.
Capacity 100-2000 ltr/hour.

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