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Cheese presses

Tunnel Cheese Press

This tunnel cheesepress is working similar to a conveyor system. The cheese moulds are automatically transferred through the system.

– The tunnel cheese press is working on compressed air
– Each cheese mould is pressed
– Capacity from 30 up to 400 cheesemoulds

The tunnel cheese press will be based upon the requirements of the customer. In case you need information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Air Cheese Press

This Cheese press, which is very easy to operate is used to press the whey form the curd. To do this, the press is equipped with a number of pneumatic cylinders. The capacity of the press is determined by the number of cylinders installed.
The frame of the press is made from a stainless steel box profile. The press is mounted on supports that are adjustable in height and it is provided with a stainless steel collecting plate with outlet for the whey.
The cylinders are fitted with a single or double pressing stamp, can be operated independently and are shielded by a stainless steel cover. The operating devices are built into the cover.
If required, an air compressor can be supplied with the machine.

Column Cheese Press

If a great number of cheese of the same size have to be pressed, then the best is to use a column cheese press. This press is custom made and specially suited for nylon moulds type ‘Gouda’ from 0,45 kg to 6 kg. All other kind of nylon cheese moulds are also very suitable for this cheese press.

Plastic cheese moulds

A complete plastic mould consists of a plastic cheese mould, mould-net, cover and cover-net. Plastic moulds are easy to handle, have a long life and are easy to clean.

Cheese moulds for:
– Baby Gouda
– Gouda
– Edam
– Loaf
– Tomme
– St. Paulin
– Manchego
– Cylindrical


 Kadova® cheese moulds consist of four components:

  1. Lid
      Injection molded part made in one piece
  2. Lid net
      Injection molded part with
      pre-formed net
  3. Mould net
      Injection molded part with
      pre-formed net
  4. Mould
      Injection molded part made in one piece

– For automation purposes extension
   pieces can be fitted
– The plastic net comes in
   preformed shape

Wooden cheese moulds

A complete wooden mould consist of an original handmade teak cheese mould with cover. Wooden cheese moulds are available in a range of sizes from 0.5 KG to 35 KG.

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