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C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology B.V.

have developed modern, electronically controlled dairy processing machines. From simple manual equipment or if desired with automatic process control, which fully support the cheese maker. We make the production process controllable with user-friendly and safe machines.
Apart from equipment for the dairy industry C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v. has developed machines for other kind of industries like beer, juice, juice puree, soft drinks, honey and egg. Also another very strong part of C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v. is the pasteurizing and process technology.

Tradition is the foundation of C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v. The company was established in Aarlanderveen by Cornelis van ‘t Riet in 1888. Aarlanderveen is located in a region of the Netherlands which was in origin an area which had a lot of artisanal cheese manufacturers.
Being surrounded by these artisanal cheese manufactures we had a lot of feedback and feeling with the production process of gouda cheese. This we used to improve our equipment and we use these experience and knowledge to help new farmers with starting cheese production.

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