C. van ’t Riet Dairy technology b.v.

Specialist in dairy equipment

Cheese equipment

Choose the specific equipment for the production of cheese, such as our curd processors or cheese presses.

Pasteurization equipment

Equipment for the pasteurization of milk, such as our flow pasteurizers or batch pasteurizer.

Butter / cream

Choose the type of butterchurn for the production of your butter, such as the vertical butterchurn or the horizontal rotation churn.

Welcome to C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v.

Your partner for dairy equipment and all what is necessary for processing of dairy products. C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v., based in Holland, combines more than 125 years of experience with craftsmanship and new advanced technologies. This results in dairy machines which are innovative with a high quality standard.
Innovation, with continuous development of unique innovative features in combination with advanced technologies, we guarantee that C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v. will provide you with an optimal result for dairy and food processing, according to the latest requirements of the market.

Value for money, the mission of C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v. is to provide you with a top-quality machine and support. Our customized machines and turnkey concepts are designed for high reliability and low-cost maintenance.
C. van ‘t Riet Dairy Technology b.v.: specialist in dairy-equipment is your supplier for producing the finest dairy products as cheese, yoghurt, butter and milk. Please contact us for more information.

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